Carp up to 35lbs 12oz stocked around the lakes!

With the closure (and imminent sale) of Crafthole reservoir, fish removal was completed in early May 2017 and South West Lakes Trust is pleased to report that a number of carp have been relocated to its other coarse fisheries.

Crafthole Reservoir, near Torpoint in Cornwall,  has been a syndicate water for many years and its closure has meant waters such as Argal Reservoir in Cornwall, have benefited greatly from its good stock of carp. Crafthole had quite a famous walk to the lake. Parking was on the road outside the country pub in the village of Crafthole and from there was a bone shaking steep downhill run that seemed never-ending to the lake. You can’t imagine the walk back, honestly! The prize carp in the lake is a fish known as ‘The Secret’, a rare mirror and a rare visitor to the bank but when it did get caught it was usually in 30-32lb range.

During the fish removal it became clear an otter had been visiting the lake and had already taken fish to approximately 28lb. Therefore to act quickly the lake was electro fished it and the fish moved as quickly as possible. It was clear that some fish had a lucky escape with bits of tail missing and claw marks. One fish, a 28lb 12oz common, had a small chunk missing from its chin area, it was treated and successfully relocated to Lower Tamar lake.

The amount of stock in the lake was relatively unknown. SWLT have managed to remove approximately 40 fish so far, mostly fish over 20lbs, luckily and thankfully the big mirror was one of them. Surprisingly when weighed it was 35lb 12oz!

The removed fish have been dotted around the various Cornish waters but most have been introduced to the 65 acre Argal Reservoir, near Penryn. Argal saw 20 Crafthole fish stocked, with one fish over 30lbs, four fish over 25lbs, nine fish over 20lb and six fish between 15 and 20lbs. The local Argal anglers are delighted that the lake has seen some good fish stocked. Argal was originally stocked with around 100 College fish in 2000. In 2009 it was added to with 60 commons and then 30 mirrors a few years later and also 24 mixed fish to 25lb from another of the Trusts coarse fisheries. The latest stocking makes a really welcome addition to the lake, lets hope they thrive in their new home. It’s nice to know they will be safer in Argal!

Cargenwen, another small syndicate water near Camborne, Cornwall, received a few fish up to 21lbs 8oz, Lower Tamar lake near Bude received a couple of stunning fish to nearly 30lbs, Melbury reservoir near Bideford had a fish just under 27lbs and Porth reservoir near Newquay, a lovely mirror just under 16lbs.

Overall a pretty successful fish removal and we are delighted to have got the number of fish we did before the predation potentially wiped the lake out.

Changing the subject slightly 17 years after College closed, it’s re-opening! A lake made famous in the 80’s and early 90’s. Anglers travelled from all over the country to fish College ‘back in the day’. The stock is unknown but some test fishing recently has produced a number of carp to 25lb. When the fish were taken to Argal many years ago some of the big mirrors remained in College, who knows maybe one or two are still there! In the summer last year approximately 50 fish were counted in a shallow bay. College is 40 acres set in a quiet woodland. It’s shallow, clear, weedy, has gravel bars, deeper silt areas, islands, you name it a real carpers paradise. The doors will open for an initial 2 week period starting on June 5th this year to gauge interest. There is a possibility the lake will open again later this year. If anyone wants to book on and wants more details please call South West Lakes Trust on 01566 771930.

Ben Smeeth

Fisheries Technical Lead for South West Lakes Trust

6 thoughts on ““Carp up to 35lbs 12oz stocked around the lakes!”

  • simon trevis

    Hi great news about stocking, any more information regarding tickets for college lake…..kind regards Simon

  • Wayne Carter

    FAO Ben Smeeth .
    Hi Ben, very interested in fishing college for a couple of nights during the 2 weeks. Have you much availability.

  • Darren tappenden

    Fantastic news that college is finally being looked at again.with lots of hard work which I and many of the cornish carping community will gladly help with,we can put this beautiful lake back where it belongs.the jewel of carping in the southwest.

    • South West Lakes Trust Post author

      Thanks for your comments about College. we are really looking forward to it.

      There is still plenty of spaces for the June 5th-18th open period if you could spread the word! Bookings are on 01566771930

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