Yates and Jones win £2000 at Upper Tamar Carp Comp!

Karl Yates and Allan Jones have stormed the Pallatrax Carp Open at Upper Tamar to win £2000 with 12 fish for 140lbs and 7oz. The lads were second out the draw and fished peg 19 on the Cornwall Bank (the shallow end). They caught fish steadily throughout the comp and their fish included a newly stocked mirror of 20.08. They also lost several fish. Very well deserved and many congratulations to them, especially after coming second in March this year.

32 pairs entered the third and final 2017 Pallatrax Carp Open at Upper Tamar Lake. Anglers from all over the UK gathered for the eagerly awaited draw on Friday afternoon and with the formalities done everyone was transported to their swim. The horn sounded to start the competition at 4pm and conditions looked well set for a few fish especially after our recent stocking of 25 carp between 18 and 36lbs.

It took 33 minutes for the first fish to be caught which was banked by our July champions Jason and Peter Budd with a small common. Ironically it was from peg 33!

Fish were caught steadily all weekend and with no real pattern or consistency apart from Karl and Allan in peg 19.

2nd Place went to two time winners Phil and Sam Gilhespy who scoop £1000 with 6 fish for 72lbs and 14oz.

3rd place was decided with only 10 minutes remaining and Harry Miles and Joshua Bellew landed a common of 9.12 to clinch the £500 third spot! They had two fish for 25lbs.

Overall 7 pairs caught 26 fish with the largest fish being a 23.03 common caught by Barry O’Connor (a newly stocked fish)

4th Barry and Benn O’Connor 1 fish for 23.03 winning Tamar season permits
5th Jason and Peter Budd with 2 fish for 21.13 winning Tamar season permits
6th Richard Harman and Dean Willoughby with 2 fish for 16.08
7th Aaron Rundle and Mike Toms with 1 fish of 13.12

Smallest fish wining a £50 Pallatrax voucher was Richard Harman with a 6.05 Common. Largest fish was won by Barry O’Connor and he won a £50 Pallatrax voucher

Thankyou to Pallatrax for their sponsorship.

A massive thank you to marshals Bob Davey, Terry Reid, Greg Reynolds, Amy Maunder and Ashley Bunning who did an outstanding job all weekend.

Thankyou to all the anglers that took part – it really was a great weekend despite some inclement weather!

That’s it for 2017 but places are already filling fast for the next competiton in March 2018!

NEXT COMP 23-25 MARCH 2018
TO BOOOK CALL 01566771930


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