Our massive stocking plans at Upper Tamar have started!


We have completed year 2 of our stocking plans for Upper Tamar and its great news for all of our anglers!


We have stocked a further 15 carp up to 26lb 4oz in size from local supplier Chris Manifold at Lana Springs Fish Farm. There were 14 mirrors and 1 common introduced with the average weight being around 22lbs with the smallest fish being 19lb 6oz. The fish are an Emperor strain from Lana Springs which are growing quickly and healthily and will thrive in Upper Tamar for many years.

This follows on from our stocking in 2017 where 25 carp were stocked up to 36lbs in weight! You can read all about the 2017 stocking below.

We intend to stock another load of fish in 2019 which will all be over 20lbs in size so watch this space.


Initially we stocked two Mirrors in July 2017 with a 27.14 Linear and a 22.05 Mirror called Single Scale. We have now stocked a further 23 Carp. This included a dark, sparsely scaled Mirror at  35.09, a stunning Common at 34.06 and another at 31.00.


3 X 30’S


13 OVER 20LB





The fish have settled really well and plenty are being caught and all of them are gaining weight already!

This is the start of a longer term stocking plan that includes a further 30 carp in the same weight range in 2018 and 30 more weighing over 20lbs in 2019. This follows on from the stocking of around two hundred and fifty smaller carp, transferred from some of other waters, weighing up to 23lbs over the last three years to add to the already good stock of fish that reside in the 81 acre venue.

In recent years catching a fish over 20lbs or 30lbs from the venue has been a challenge but that is set to change!

Upper Tamar forms part of the Tamar Lakes complex of fisheries with Lower Tamar only half a mile down the road. At 35 acres, Lower Tamar is home to a large head of 20lb+ fish with several fish over the 30lb mark and growing very quickly.

The new fish are being sourced from our local supplier Lana Springs Fish Farm in Devon. Owner Chris Mannifold has a great reputation for supplying premium carp.  Ben Smeeth, the Trust’s Angling Operation Manager said “I am delighted to be working with Chris on this exciting project. The majority of fish will be Mirrors to complement the large population of Commons already in the lake. With a really good weed growth providing a rich source of food these fish will continue to grow with the aim of producing a large head of 30lb and 40lb fish within the next 5-7 years”.

Upper Tamar has produced a lot of runs for anglers in the last few years with some anglers catching as many as 25 carp in a single 24 hour session. There are so many swims to choose from each giving a different perspective of the beautiful lake and each presenting different challenges and features.

Upper Tamar is a spectacular venue, set in peaceful rural countryside, spanning two counties with the Devon and Cornwall border running down the middle of the lake.

The fishery benefits from outstanding facilities with a café open from March to November, showers, toilets and a camping field – perfect if the family also want to come along! There is a supply of bait and tackle available from the café and an onsite self-service permit room so you can arrive at your leisure and start fishing! The venue also benefits from a level stoned path all the way around which makes access to swims for everyone really easy. We do also provide a taxi service to any swim if you give us plenty of notice!

There are also two angling lodges which sleep two people and are bookable through our central office on 01566 771930.

Updates to our new fishing website www.swlakesfishing.co.uk will mean you can view a map of Upper Tamar fishery including swim names before even visiting. We also have a very active Facebook page called ‘Coarse Fishing South West Lakes Trust’ so please LIKE our page for regular catch reports, pictures and information about all of our coarse fisheries in the South West.

The stocking will complement our series of Pallatrax Carp Open Pairs competition. Three competitions a year which have a prize fund of £3,500 with £2000 to the winners each time. Anyone who wants to book onto one of our three pairs carp competitions needs to call our office on the above number.

Anyone who would like to come along and see the fish stockings are very welcome – we would love to see you at Upper Tamar to share this great occasion with us and witness the start of an amazing future for this special fishery.

Ben Smeeth

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