Coarse Angling: Coronavirus Information

Issue date: 12 May 2020
Reviewed and updated: 10 September 2020

Prior to every fishing trip, it is essential that you check the information on this page to ensure that you are up to date with relevant site information, rules and regulations.

Safeguarding our visitors and team of employees is our priority and therefore we have certain measures in place to limit the spread of coronavirus and maintain the safety of everyone. Please respect our team; they are doing their best to keep you safe during your visit.

Whilst open, we must maintain social distancing and hygiene standards to a level that we feel minimises the risk of spreading coronavirus. If at any point we have concerns that visitor numbers or public behaviour are restricting our ability to do this, we reserve the right to close particular lakes or facilities without prior notice.

Following these instructions will help us to keep our visitors and our team safe and enable our gates to stay open.

Lake Information, Rules and Regulations

If you have a new, persistent cough, temperature or any other reason to suspect you may have coronavirus, please do not visit and help save lives.

Toilet facilities are open and a hand sanitiser is available at each location however, we do recommend that you bring your own sanitiser if possible.

Night fishing is permitted. 

Social distancing; please maintain 2 metres distance between yourself and others at all times

We do not actively clean furniture such as benches; only use if absolutely necessary

All fishery rules and regulations available on our website and the notice board still apply with the additional rules below as recommended by the Angling Trust:

• Fishing must be undertaken on a solitary basis and sharing of swims can only be done by members of the same household
• No sharing of fishing tackle or any other items
• No angler to fish within 2 metres of any other angler
• Bring disposable gloves and anti-bacterial hand sanitiser to use when handling gates, locks and other surfaces that anglers come into contact with
• When parking please leave at least 2m in between cars
• We recommend you purchase your Fishing permits through our website or by calling 01566 771930

Thank you for your support at this time

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