Mainline Baits Carp Open Pairs Competitions

The Mainline Baits Carp Pairs competitions are held at our 81 acre fishery, Upper Tamar Lake. The competitions are generously sponsored by Carp fishing giants Mainline Baits. There is £3500 in prize money from South West Lakes Trust for each competition. Each person who enters will get a goody bag with some fantastic Mainline products inside. All tackle and equipment is transported to and from your swim and there is a free bbq during the presentations. There is also a full menu for the weekend with food delivered direct to your swim!

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The competition is limited to 32 pairs. For further information contact Ben Smeeth on 07739428176 or email

Previous Competitions

Mainline Baits Carp Open July 2019

1st winning £2000 Nigel Woods and Rich Ford 4 fish for 63lbs
2nd winning £1000 Barry and Benn O’Connor 3 fish for 37lb 7oz
3rd winning £500 Dave Bellew and Steve Lovell 3 fish for 37lb 2oz
4th Dean Compton and Lee Watts 2 fish for 25lb 4oz
5th Scott and Tristan Cooper 1 fish of 19lb 10oz
6th Jamie Rusling and Nick White 1 fish of 15lb 13oz
7th Scott Bowden and Mark Brett 1 fish of 12lb 2oz
8th Toby Green and Danny Moore 1 fish of 9lb 6oz
9th Mike Faulkner and Rob Jewell 1 fish of 8lb 6oz

To read the full report please click HERE.

Mainline Baits Carp Open March 2019

1st – Dean and Dave Willoughby with one fish for 24lb 6oz  winning £2000
2nd – Karl Yates and Allan Jones with two fish for 22lb 15oz winning £1000
3rd – Rich Ford and Nigel Woods with one fish for 21lb 10oz winning £500
4th – Scott Cooper and John Tolitt with one fish for 19lb 11oz
5th – Sam Ward and Will Hockridge with one fish for 19lb 1oz
6th – Barry and Benn O’Connor with one fish for 18lb 8oz
7th – Jason and Peter Budd with one fish of 15lb 13oz
8th – Jason Dowling and Jamie Rabbitts with one fish of 11lb 7oz

To read the full report please click HERE.

Upper Tamar Pallatrax Carp Open Pairs September 2018

1st – Nigel Woods and Richard Ford 5 fish for 72.10 winning £2000
2nd – Karl and Alfie Yates 4 fish for 52.09 winning £1000
3rd – Matthew Pepperell and Allan Jones 4 fish for 46.08 winning £500
4th – Scott Bowden and Mark Brett 3 fish for 35.13
5th – Jason and Jacob Dunne 2 fish for 19.05

To see full page of results please click HERE.

Upper Tamar Pallatrax Carp Open Pairs July 2018

1st Jason and Leanne McEvoy, peg 25, 14 fish caught, biggest fish 19.05, smallest fish 5.13, overall weight 178.00
2nd Matthew Pepperall and Chris Hudson, peg 26, 9 fish caught, biggest fish 13.04, smallest fish 5.13, overall weight 78.00
3rd Josh Bellew and Grant Westlake, peg 13, 4 fish caught, biggest fish 16.15, smallest fish 6.14, overall weight 41.03
4th George West and Andrew Woon, peg 8, 2 fish caught, biggest fish 13.03, smallest fish 10.04, overall weight 23.07
5th Adrian Morgan and Neil Merrimen, peg 1, 2 fish caught, biggest fish 17.01, smallest fish 6.05, overall weight 23.06

To see full page of results please click HERE.

Yates and Jones win £2000 at Upper Tamar Carp Comp!

1st £2000 Karl Yates and Allan Jones 12 fish for 140lbs 7oz Peg 19
2nd £1000 Phil and Sam Gilhespy 6 fish for 72lbs and 14oz
3rd £500 Harry Miles and Joshua Bellew 2 fish for 25lbs
4th Barry and Benn O’Connor 1 fish for 23.03 winning Tamar season permits
5th Jason and Peter Budd with 2 fish for 21.13 winning Tamar season permits
6th Richard Harman and Dean Willoughby with 2 fish for 16.08
7th Aaron Rundle and Mike Toms with 1 fish of 13.12

Father and son duo win £2000 at Pallatrax Carp Open

1st £2000 Jason and Peter Budd with 4 fish for 42lbs 11oz Peg 26
2nd £1000 Aaron Rundle and Mike Toms 4 fish for 42lbs Peg 8
3rd £500 Barry and Ben O’Connor 3 fish for 27lbs 2oz Peg 7
4th winning Upper Tamar season permits were Will Hockridge and Joseph Wickett with 3 fish for 26lbs 14oz
5th winning Upper Tamar season permits were Barrie and Nickie Christian 2 fish for 24lbs 7oz
Largest fish was caught by Nickie Christian at 14.03 and he won a £50 pallatrax voucher
Smallest fish was won by youngster Ashton Maher with his 5.03 common and he also won a £50 pallatrax voucher


1st £2000 Chris Hudson and Adam Martin 5 fish for 43lbs 12oz Peg 14
2nd £1000 Karl Yates and Allan Jones 5 fish for 39lb 15oz Peg 25
3rd £500 David Bellew and Steve Lovell 3 fish for 31lbs 3oz Peg 21
4th Phil and Sam Gilhespy 1 fish for 13lb 8oz Peg 19
First fish landed was Sam Gilhesphy and he won an Anaconda Tackle bag
Lucky dip winners were:
Jamie Rusling winning an Anaconda Carp Gear Bag
Danny Clarke winning an Anaconda extension Pod
Martin Clifford winning an Anaconda slide in tray bag
Upper Tamar season tickets were won by: Barry Lee, Greg and Roy Jones, Matthew Pepperell, Ryan Wilshire and Matt Wyld

Pallatrax Carp Open September 2016

Many Congratulations to Barry and ben O’Connor who had 12 fish for 118.01 and they scooped the £2000 first prize

Danny Clarke and Nick Singleton who have finished third twice before were runners up with 6 fish for 59.02 and they collected £1000

Local anglers Nigel Woods and Matthew Bull were third with two fish for 39.04 and took the £500 third prize.

Largest fish (not finishing in the top three was Shaun Pimm 17.02 and he won a £50 Pallatrax voucher. Smallest fish also winning a £50 Pallatrax voucher was Scott Bowden with a fish of 5.13.

Read full report here.

Mainline Baits Carp Competition - March 2019

Were building up to the second Mainline Baits Carp competition pairs at Upper Tamar Lake next weekend, 5-7 July. Here is a sneak peak at the March competition where Dean and Dave Willoughby walked away with the £2000 top prize! We cant wait for this one and we still have some spaces for the October pairs which is 4th-6th…….book now on 01566 771930

Posted by Coarse Fishing South West Lakes Trust on Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Blair Warner and Adrian Kemp from the Pallatrax carp competiti...

Here's a video of Blair Warner and Adrian Kemp from the Pallatrax carp competition at Upper Tamar in March 2016. Looking forward to the next competition 1 July.

Posted by Coarse Fishing South West Lakes Trust on Tuesday, 14 June 2016
Pallatrax Carp Open July 2016

1st Dave James and Craig Lacey 4 fish for 43.00lbs Peg 13
2nd Jason and Leanne McEvoy 4 fish for 37.11lbs peg 25
3rd Nick Singleton and Danny Clarke 3 fish for 29.12lbs peg 4
4th Darren White and Taro Bell 2 fish for 20.05lbs peg 23
5th Jamie Rusling and Scott Bowden 1 fish for 16.07lbs peg 18
6th Phil Gilhespy and Sam Gilhespy 1 fish for 15.08lbs peg 1
7th Ashley Bunning and Aaron Bunning 1 fish for 13.10lbs peg 19
8th Constantine Nitoit and Darby 1 fish for 10.07lbs peg 21

Father and Son pairing Phil and Sam Gilhespy won the Pallatrax Carp Open at Upper Tamar which ran from 11-13th March 2016 and collected £2000 for their efforts! They banked three carp for 35lbs 7oz with the largest being 14lb 15oz from Peg 12 (birdhide swim) on the Cornwall bank.
22 Pairs entered and nervously awaited the draw on Friday! After all anglers were taken to their chosen swim the match began. As predicted very few fish were caught (only 6 in total) with the water still very cold, cold nights, changing winds and warm days making the conditions very hard. Several fish were hooked and lost during the weekend and it really was ‘what could have been’ for so many anglers. None more so than Blair Warner and Adrian Kemp who finished runners up but also lost three fish over the weekend. The lads won £1000 for their second placed finish. They ended with two fish for 27lb 05oz from Peg 18 (West Bay) on the Cornwall Bank.
Previous winners Jamie Rusling and Scott Bowden finished third to scoop £500 with one carp of 11lb 15oz from the lookout tower area on the Cornwall Bank.
Sam Gilhespy won a £50 Pallatrax voucher for the smallest fish of 10lbs 2oz.
A huge thankyou to Pallatrax for sponsoring the event and to our marshalls (Bob D, Bob O, Terry, Steve and Ian) who did an excellent job transporting tackle, weighing fish etc throughout the weekend.

The next Pallatrax Open is 1-3 July and it is another pairs match, we are now open for entries!! 01566 771930

September 2015 Pallatrax Open Competition.
1st Lee Graver and Dan Gay PEG 21 10 FISH 96LB 2OZ
2nd Scott Bowden and Barry Lee PEG 12 6 FISH 85LB 15OZ
3rd Danny Clarke and Nick Singleton PEG 4 2 FISH 22LB 3OZ
4th Mike Trew and Paul Barnard PEG 2 2 FISH 19LB 2OZ
5th Chris Martin and James Coombes PEG 9 2 FISH 15LB
6th Karl Yates and Alan Jones Peg 11 2 FISH 13LB 7OZ
7th Adrian Kemp and Blair Warner PEG 10 1 FISH 11LB
8th Bob Hancock and Andy Hobson PEG 1 1 FISH 7LB 2OZ


March 2015 Pallatrax Open Pairs Competition.
1st Scott Bowden/Jamie Rusling 7 fish 68lb 13oz peg 10 Cornwall bank
2nd Barry/Ben O’Connor 3 fish 37lb 1oz peg 3 Devon bank
3rd Matt Gilbert/Jamie O’Connor 2 fish 28lb 12oz peg 5 Devon bank
4th Ryan Wilshire/Matthew Pepperell 3 fish 26lb 10oz peg 7 Devon Bank
5th Paul Thomas/Jason Mcevoy 2 fish 21lb 2oz peg 9 Devon bank
6th Ben/Matthew Cooper 2 fish 20lb 15oz peg 4 Devon bank
7th Karl Yates/Alan Jones 2 fish 20lb 2oz peg 16 Cornwall bank
8th Pete Oates/Paul Oulton 2 fish 16lb 12oz Cornwall bank
9th Ricky Thomas/Tony Welch 2 fish 16lb peg 15 Cornwall bank.

Click here for complete report.

September 2014 Pallatrax Open Pairs Competition.
A Fantastic weekend was had by all competitors at the Pallatrax Carp Open with 69 carp being landed.
1st  – Phil and Sam Gilhespy, Peg 25 (lookout tower), 12 fish for 116lb 6oz, winning £1500.
2nd – Bob Oates and Steve Gliddon, Peg 22, 8 fish for 75lb 7oz, winning £1000
3rd – Tony Welch and Greg Colman, peg 20, 6 fish for 58lb 13oz
4th – Alan Squire (fishing on his own with two rods) 6 fish for 49lb 6oz
5th – Kelvin Pike and Aaron Fisher 4 fish for 49lb 2oz
6th – Mark Bignall and Steve Hutchinson 5 fish for 43lb 1oz
7th – Andy Sewell and Eddie Clarke 4 fish for 41lb 15oz
8th – Jamie Rusling and Scott Bowden 4 fish for 39lb 13oz
9th – Graham and Joel Palmer 3 fish for 30lb 4oz
10th – Steve Whitworth and Andy Hobson 3 fish for 24lb 1oz